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City Walls writes how to’s and uncovers hard to find information for expats in South East Asia


Not all expats are experts

As long as people have dreamed of seeing the world there have been expats. Wherever you go on the map, you’re sure to find someone who has been there longer than you. It’s not unusual to meet someone who has been there six months and already sees themself as the fountain of knowledge.

We are not that annoying person. We are City Walls.

We research and write original content about cities we have lived in for years. Our how-to guides uncover the hard to find information that expats will spend a lot of time working out on their own. We understand that you aren’t interested in paying fixers to share a little bits of knowledge about their hometown. We also know that expats come in many forms: corporate types, entrepreneurs, NGO workers, teachers, retirees, digital nomads and many more. So we’ll leave out subjective opinion as much as possible and update our information as often as necessary.

Our goal is to be the definitive expat guide for people living and traveling in any of the cities we cover.